If there is one area that cheeses me off, it has to be the need for my DirecTV DVR using a standard phone line just for service. “Wow, how 1990s of them!” At any rate, I just got off the phone with DirecTV and, as always, I received better than average service. I asked the representative who I might contact to voice my desire to see DirecTV offer DVRs with Ethernet abilities, like its cable TV counterparts. I was given a feedback Web site link. Oh, OK, I guess this is better than nothing? So I am left with the following options: Buy a standalone DVR like Replay or a series two box, or I could just keep shelling out money to the folks at Qwest (sorry, Vonage is not an option that I am willing to consider).

Maybe I ought to bite the bullet and suffer the inferior quality of Comcast? At this point, things were looking pretty grim until I stumbled onto this news blip: “NBC and DirecTV work to offer TV on demand.” Could it be? Have the people that offer television finally realized that many of us are sick to death of watching out of market/off-topic commercials repeated over and over? Perhaps they caught the hint that we are becoming a DVR society and it is just too easy to hit fast forward? Regardless, this is a great first step in allowing people a choice in how they would like to be entertained when watching the tube.

Now, some of you may think that I watch a lot more TV than the average person. I really do not think so. To be honest, I am actually pretty selective with what I enjoy taking in of a day. And with a pay per view option, I figure that with a cost of $.99 per show, I would be looking at paying less than I am right now with the standard viewing package. And here is another perk to think about. The next time your kids want to watch TV, they might think twice if it came out of their allowance each month. Bet there would be a lot less idle time around the house with the rugrats if this NBC – DirecTV concept becomes a widespread thing to encompass other networks. What do you think? To me, TV is so ‘cheap’ with it being just another bill that we pay each month. On the flip side however, being able to pay per show would really wake all of us up to just how much we are watching each month. Could this be a magic bullet to get all of us off the couch once in awhile? I am willing to bet my next 10 TV credits that it could be…

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