Businesses are so desperate for our attention that when they do have our attention as subscribers of their e-mail newsletters, they take full advantage. They do this by sending the same issue of their newsletter for a second time, whether or not you opened it the first time. They also do this by sending “special mailings” announcing a new product or other offer in hopes you’ll buy or take advantage of it, but that’s another story for another day. The feature story looks at the second send controversy.

One challenge before doing any e-mail newsletter sending is coming up with the subject line. How many different “expert suggestions” have you read regarding e-mail newsletter subject lines? Too many, I’m sure. This article offers thoughts on the subject (pun intended).

For some of you, marketing could be extra challenging because you provide a service instead of a product. We can’t entice people to buy by sending them a freebie in the mail or giving them a free thingamajig with every purchase. So, a reader asks how to market something people can’t see, feel or touch. Maybe you can help?

[All of this is in the November issue of eNewsletter Journal]

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