A new Japanese search engine with a twist. Clustering has gained momentum and Vivisimo is working to capitalize on this trend.

Vivisimo (http://Vivisimo.com), the creator of innovative software to access and cluster the world’s information for better search and discovery, today announced the Beta launch of Clusty.jp, a public showcase of the company’s novel development of a Japanese-language Clustering Search Engine modeled on Clusty.com.

In trademark Clusty style, Clusty.jp (http://clusty.jp) combines custom crawls of Japanese news sites, including Asahi, Nikkei, and Yomiuri and the Japanese Wikipedia, as well as meta-search of top-quality, World Wide Web crawlers. The combined search results are clustered into topic folders that enable Japanese Web searchers to more effectively navigate results, uncover major themes and easily find lower-ranked, but highly relevant search results.

“As the second largest IT market in the world, Japan represents an exciting market opportunity for us,” said Raul Valdes-Perez, CEO of Vivisimo. “Until today, Japan did not have access to the benefits of clustering search engines on the Web and within enterprises.” [Read the rest]