I am simply overwhelmed from the response to last week’s posting, “Editors Wanted!”

To be quite honest, I was expecting no more than a handful of folks to volunteer their help; to my surprise, however, there were well over 100 volunteer e-mails in my inbox only a few hours after the post was published on our Web site.

While I do not have the time to reply to each letter individually, I would like to take a moment to give a very warm and heartfelt “Thank you!” to everyone that offered their assistance. It really made my day to see so many Gazette readers willing to sacrifice a little in order to give back to our ever-growing community on the Web.

Having said that: over the weekend, I gave some thought as to how I was going to pick and choose among all the wonderful folks who volunteered their help. Should I give all 100 volunteers access to edit the articles? Could I ask for a few sample writings from each volunteer? Would I pick volunteers at random? Obviously, none of these suggestions were practical solutions.

And then it hit me:

Why not make this a contest?

A phenomenal idea! By far, the best way to sample the editing skills…

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