All of a sudden it’s starting to feel like winter is finally on its way. Chris wrote about Seattle’s dusting of snow yesterday. The great northeast megalopolis got its first tantalizing taste of the white stuff back on Thanksgiving day. Reality sets in. The turn of weather has me thinking how to survive the season in my annual geek hibernation mode. When the roads ice up, I lock myself in with the computers…

But it’s not that I mind driving in the snow. Far from it.

Like those California transplants that Chris wrote about, it’s the other drivers that worry me. Okay, that and the fact that my little ragtop was absolutely not designed to be driven in freezing weather. (Other than spinning those mmmm glllll forbidden donuts in the cul-du-sac, of course.)

I’m trying to keep my mind off the impending cold by doing some vacation research online. Last year’s Orlando vacation was a blast. It sure would be nice to work in a trip to someplace warm.

My trusty Gateway comes off its computer lease this month, however, so funds are likely to be a bit tight for an early winter trip.

I need to make up my mind whether to buy it for fair market value or ship it back and get a new box. The more I think about it, the more the buy out makes sense. Once I actually own the old box, I’ll happily do something about the excessive fan noise.

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