You know, after reading the following article the other day, I came to the conclusion that no matter how tech-savvy a person may be… there is always room for some stupidity. How in the world CU freshman Jonathan Baldino, figured that he would be able to use bogus barcodes to fool the checker at Target into thinking that a $150 iPod was going to ring up at $5 is beyond me.

Besides being a testament to his greed, the level of mind rot here is just amazing. The part that killed me the most was where he says; “I will NEVER EVER DO THIS EVER AGAIN and I am once more terribly sorry.” To translate what he is really saying: “I am really sorry that I got caught and if I thought I might not get caught next time, I would try this again in a stone cold minute.” Unfortunately, it is his ingenuity that helped to get his name in both local and now, international press. This will all but ensure that getting a job after his release will prove to be a real challenge for him.

Then again, with all of the frivolous lawsuits going around these days, perhaps he might consider suing Apple, thus charging them with ‘price gouging’? Ya, I can see it now. The charge would read something like; “I only tried to swap barcodes because mean ol’ Apple is charging too much for these devices. It’s not fair that I was not able to afford one!” This may sound comical, but I could see someone attempting it…