New economy or not, sometimes people just get so tired of it all. Take this guy…

I really really don’t want to be a negative guy. I don’t….

Seriously. I think I have this amazing life, with a stellar wife, kids I treasure, and friends like TJ and Dawn who invited me out to Aspen last week for work and pleasure. I have trips slotted next year to India and South Africa, and if I can figure a way I am gonna take my boys Eamon and Tucker along. This weekend I had football in the snow, and my Ohio State Buckeyes will be playing in a major bowl game for the third time in four years, having beaten Michigan. To celebrate the holidays, we’ll have friends over for brunch on December 18—feel free to join us….

So I don’t want to come across negative at all, but this technology stuff doesn’t work. [Read the rest]