I love going to Johnny Rockets and slapping money into the mini-jukebox at the table while eating those great burgers. Flipping through the jukebox pages is fun and kinda gives me an idea of what my dad felt like when he did it in the soda pop shop when he was a kid. (Sorry dad, didn’t mean to age you. 🙂 ) But if you’re looking for a full trip to the past (you know, about 20 years ago,) then check out the Wurlitzer ONE MORE TIME CD. Ya, CD as in compact disc.

Those crazy German’s at Wurlitzer have taken a classic jukebox, yanked out the 45 wax and put in a CD changer. Going a step further, like any good Germany engineer would do, Wurlitzer has also added a dock for your iPod. Now you’ve got thousands of songs to choose from. How sweet is that? Don’t worry, mate, this puppy is legit as it contains the “Made for iPod” logo proudly branded on it. To ensure you get great sound, the folks from the Fatherland called up the zany audio guys at Bose and asked it to supply the speaker for the jukebox. So all aspects are covered and you don’t have to worry about slapping quarters into it.

As for pricing, who knows. The web site doesn’t contain that kind of scary information but I’m sure it ain’t cheap. Like most things German, sans VW Golfs, this baby is going to cost you, I’m sure. But I’m sure it will look good in your garage right there next to your BMW M5 and that wonderfully delightful SUV that Brad Pitt has, the Mercedes G55 AMG.

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