The last issue of eNewsletter Journal for 2005 reviews the year and offers advice on marketing the invisible… services. We see a lot of this in IT and it’s harder because of the technical jargon involved.

Couldn’t help but carry the “reflect back on ’05” theme with Shavlik’s Remediator Security Digest’s December issue. The feature searches for lessons learned from the year’s biggest viruses, worms, adware, and malware.

Has this ever happened to you? “Hey, since I have you here… can you look at this?” This could be the computer where an icon has disappeared, a strange-looking freckle on an arm, or a contract. Should we draw the line between our professional and personal lives when people ask for help in something we’re experts in? Many are passionate about this topic as we received one of the most feedback ever in the history of the newsletter.

The latest question asks about users and passwords. Have you seen a password on a sticky note recently? Or maybe in the drawer next to the computer? What does it take to get serious about passwords?

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