I would first like to thank all of those folks that responded to my article regarding the Chill Mat for the laptop.

I mentioned in the article that when the fans got noisy I would spray them with a touch of WD-40. It was brought to my attention that WD-40 may not be the best product for the job. Two suggestions were Break-Free and 3-in-1 Oil. I will use each of these in the future and let you know my results. Thanks a lot for the heads up.

I would also like to clean up a few other items that have been mentioned in my articles recently. First is Wild Blue. I complained mightily when there was a delay installing this satellite service. I made quite a few phone calls trying to get the kinks removed from the process. Of course I was quite anxious as I was stuck on a 28.8k dialup at the time. I believe that reporting good news is as important as reporting bad news. The good news is that the Wild Blue service has been excellent. I have had the service now for two months and I have no complaints. It provides three different packages. The first is the Value Pak, which gives you (up to) 512kbps download speed and (up to) 128kbps upload. The Select Pak is (up to) 1Mbps download and (up to) 200kbps upload. The Pro Pak gives you (up to) 1.5Mbps download and (up to) 256kbps upload. These packages range in price from $50 to $80. A bit steep compared to terrestrial broadband, but acceptable for those of us in the sticks that have no other option for a fast connection. It has a Fair Use Policy which is not all that restrictive. I am using the Select Pak and it is doing the job just fine.

If you receive your telecommunications service from a member of the NRTC (National Rural Telecommunications Coop, you can get Wild Blue through its members. If not, you can go to its Web site and check out getting it directly from Wild Blue. I am receiving the service directly from Wild Blue and can report that its support services are also excellent. If you have been waiting for something to come down the pike that can give you reliable and speedy service, check it out.

I have also named my Web site and have a hosting service all set up. This was something I was working on prior to my move to North Carolina. I am using the name Connie’s Computer Advantage and hope to have my Web site published in the next few weeks. I have found that there is a bit of a learning curve when first using Front Page 2003.

I think that ties up all of the loose ends. If not, give me a holler about anything we have discussed and I will attempt to answer your questions. I would also be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Wild Blue.

Happy Holidays!

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