Boy, who would have thought that a transit strike could boost online shopping? Then again, for people that live in a densely populated city, I suppose that not being able to hop a subway or bus could really change the way one gets their holiday shopping done!

So just how big an opportunity is this for online retailers? Huge! Well, just so long as they can get the goods to the shopper before Dec. 25th that is. But regardless of the delivery dates, sales are really booming for the online market. One retailer was reporting something like a 60% increase in sales. Man, 60% is just insane if you ask me.

Unfortunately the folks running brick and mortar shops in the greater NYC area will most certainly feel the pinch. The reality is that people are dependent on public transportation in that area. Until this whole strike situation is resolved, we are likely going to continue seeing a major shift in favor of the online sector. And with that thought, if you have an online store that you believe might have an attraction to the good folks in NYC, this might very well be the perfect opportunity to pull in a few extra sales while helping the folks who are otherwise stuck at home. Hey, never hurts to look for the opportunity in any situation…even the bad ones.

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