I’ve been with Cingular for a couple of months now. For the most part, the switch from Verizon has been painless. Every once in a while, a call will drop – and sometimes the display will read “No Service.” I couldn’t figure out why this was happenening, and chalked it up to the phone (a Motorola MPx220). Turns out, the issue could have been with the SIM card instead. Good to know! Wouldn’t have realized this unless another phone had recently been released – a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone. Cingular now produces the 2125, a “candy bar” mobile form with a beautiful screen. I wanted it only because it has the latest Smartphone OS on it, and for no other reason. Ever since I switched from the Pocket PC Phone, I couldn’t dream of ever turning back – even with the new Windows Mobile Treo right around the corner. I don’t want to do the touch-screen thing with my mobile phone anymore. However, I still want to easily sync with my desktop contacts and calendar. That means it’s Windows Mobile all the way for me – with Activesync pretty much managing the game. These days, just about everybody has to deal with cell phones; not having one is cripping in too many situations. Coin-op pay phones are sooooooo 20th century, dude. So what happens when you upgrade to a new mobile phone? You sell the old one. Cell for Cash.

I’ve been using Cell for Cash for several years now, and have made back hundreds of dollars from my old devices. I wasn’t able to get money back from my old Pocket PC phone only because I smashed the screen. Here’s how you get money for your old mobile phone: You go to their site, select the phone model, they tell you how much it’s worth, you submit the form, wait a few weeks, receive a box in the mail, send the unit in to them, wait a few more weeks, then receive a printed check for the mobile phones that otherwise would have collected dust in some random drawer. It works like a charm, and I trust these guys with every fiber of my being. Whenever I get a new mobile device, I may pay full price up front – but I know there’s a rebate coming when I move on to another phone. You’re kinda crazy to hold onto a cell / mobile phone when you’re not using it anymore – especially when someone’s offering you cold hard cash for it. Sell your old cell phones ASAP!

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