Alright,, this is a new one: Web Content Awareness Day. I must admit that while the title sounds a little strange at first, once you get a handle on the concept it actually has some logic behind it.

Dina Giolitto, Web Copywriter and owner of, is currently rounding up gurus and web marketing experts to hop on the event promotion bandwagon and join her for the First Annual Web Content Awareness Day. The “virtual holiday” is scheduled to take place on February 6, 2006 – a day to “pay homage to expectional content providers on the World Wide Web” with a plethora of free information, limited time only offers from some of the web’s most prominent gurus and independent consultants, and a healthy dose of lighthearted fun.

As Dina describes it, “Web Content Awareness Day is dedicated to those who provide content for this great Web of ours.” The newly coined holiday is pending approval from Chase’s calendar of events, and proves a terrific excuse for the web’s exceptional brand of marketer to heed the call and take a firm stance on web content as we know it. The web-wide celebration will be housed on Giolitto’s website, Topics covered by various contributing marketers will include copywriting, search engine optimization, design, tech tools, article marketing, blogging and networking. Well-respected web gurus are already stepping up as the authoritative voice of Web Content Awareness. The event will no doubt be a good time and amazing learning experience for participants and readers alike. [Read the rest]