“You’re never too young to get a fun toy for Christmas.” That’s exactly what WowWee was thinking when they unleashed the Robosapien V2 a few weeks ago. I never really spent much time looking at them in the store, but Ponzi thought it would be cute to have another robot roaming throughout the house (to accompany our Roomba). Little did she know that the Robosapien has built-in features that were designed with males in mind – including farting and burping, my two favorite indoor sports. The new Robosapien has environmental interaction with humanoid body movements; it recognizes colors and skin tones and sports IR vision to avoid obstacles and track moving objects.

“Robosapien V2 is a highly evolved robotic fusion of technology and personality, combining fluid biomechanical motion with a multi-sensory, interactive humanoid personality. This 24” tall, second generation Robosapien is capable of autonomous ‘free roam’ behavior.”

My parents used to own a hobby shop when I was a child, selling crafts and random what-nots to shoppers from around the city. Even then, they carried basic electronic kits – which could be assembled to present an array of lights to the user. Yes, you could make lights glow and play all sorts of wonderful games like… um…. blackjack and tic-tac-toe? Maybe I’m thinking of Merlin – although Speak and Spell was much more straightforward (with actual keys to press and characters to read on a single-line screen). Anyway, I suppose I was surrounded by electronic gadgets and gizmos from an early age. We had robots, but they were akin to the Rock’em Sock’em kind: inflexible, clumsy, and severely feature-limited. As such, I kinda lost touch with the hardware realm for several years – choosing instead to focus my attention on software, becoming a download junkie, and wrapping my head around all-things-Internet. The Robosapien is going to try to bring me back to childhood, farting and burping.

It’s certainly cheaper than an Aibo!