I posted this weekend how the Apple Store in Silicon Valley was using a Pocket PC device to hurry customers out of the long line. Many missed my point so I clearified it in a comment. That leads me to a grander point of how Apple does not support Microsoft operating systems. It’s a pride thing.

Apple is pitting its OS X against Windows XP. Anything Windows WhatEver won’t find its way onto its store shelves. Apparently, employees hands is a different story. 🙂 So since you can’t buy a Pocket PC in an Apple Store or even sync it with Apple software when you get home, what will happen when OS X for Intel arrives this year? As I’ve stated in earlier posts, OSx86 will be the greatest thing Apple’s done for the Switch campaign since hiring Steve Jobs back as CEO of Apple Computer. But remember that pride thing. Steve ain’t going to allow his company to just run Windows apps right out of the box on Apple hardware. Nope, that ain’t going to happen, not on Steve’s shift. But you know what? Deep down he wants it to happen. He knows the cattle heard of long horns will come to the Apple ranch if the cowboys can run their Windows applications on a better computer. I know it. He knows it. Bill knows it.

Since creating a layer to allow Windows application use in OSx86 will be very easy, it’s not going to take very long for us to see third party solutions allowing this. Licensing won’t be an issue either, as all one will have to do is slap on an old version of Windows98SE (or higher) to make it legal. Heck, I have like three copies of that alone lying around in my room. It won’t take long for Best Buy, CompUSA, and Fry’s Electronics to inform the buying public that anyone can run their existing Windows programs on the new shinny Macintosh with the Lead ahead logo on it. Apple will pretty much get advertising on that fact like it did on the infamous 1984 Macintosh commericial which only aired three times under Apple’s bill.

No, Apple will not support Windows programs running on OS X 10.5 but others will. With it, many will bring to their home a Macintosh for the first time and ask themselves after using it, “Why did I ever have Windows?”

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