With hotspots becoming more and more common, trying to get your Pocket PC to connect to the plethora of wireless LAN’s in one given spot can be difficult. Microsoft’s Zero Configuration can actually become a nuisance in these times of great connection pools for the Internet warrior. Hitchhiker takes the frustration out of this and actually makes it fun to see what’s out there. The latest release attempts to add Windows Mobile 5.0 support on top of an already full featured beta. Some of those features include support for both WEP and WPA-PSK encryption, automatic and speedy connection to public hotspots, “Fire-and-forget” (Hitchhikers unique one click connection,) changing of our IP address without having to deactivating and then reactivating your WLAN, as well as notification of hotspots that require login information such as password. This great product, which I’ve been using since its initial release, is a powerful wireless connection manager that will make you hack your PocketPC to turn off its Zero Config in no time. It does require .NET Compact Framework 2.0, which like Hitchhiker, is a free download.

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