Things are definitely going to be ‘bumpin’ this year. First off, I am seeing indications that the podcast that I helped to create with Weezy and Laura is about to really take off. To be upfront about the whole thing though, I have to give major credit to Weezy, Laura and Matt S. for making this work so well once I stepped down from an active role in the show. Not sure what the show’s future holds, but I suspect that we could be seeing the beginnings of something great here soon. Call it a hunch…

CoolCast Radio, also considered by some to be the redheaded step child of the podcast world: Making it a point to break every rule possible with podcast content distribution, we will continue proving that podcasting as a stand alone distribution method, left an entire segment of the population in the dust. We’d like to help fill the gap. With show’s like You Are The Guest and Riding With the Window Down w/Chris Doelle, we are finding that there is a phenomenal amount of interest from folks who had never even heard of the term – podcast. And as we expected, dial-up users are the most common users thus far.

Ya, this is a pretty exciting time for me. And to be frank, we could not be doing this without the help of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. See, when you listen to the stream from WMP 10, you can click the CoolCast banner to get the details about the show you are currently listening to. If you dig it, then you can go to their Website and subscribe easily to their podcast feed. After all, we are not trying to replace the distribution method known as podcasting, we are merely enhancing it with some extra distribution options.

Yup, 2006 is going to be full of some pretty spectacular surpises and here are just a few that you can expect to see:

  • Discover, listen to and even purchase indie music from a special little surprise that we are working on!
  • Flash streaming?? We’re considering this in addition to some Firefox options.
  • Improved Website features and functionality.
  • Live streams to a mobile phone near you?
  • More implementation with RSS. We have the current schedule in RSS as I type this already, but we are looking into more seamless integration options. The most current example is the integration in the individual podcaster bios.

Now, I have come to that point in the New Year where I have to ask myself; “What are my New Year’s resolutions going to be this time around?” My answer to this is pretty simple really. I want to make a continuous, positive impact on the world around me. Well that and shake up specific aspects of the entertainment industry a bit. After all, I like to stir up the mixing bowl of life once in awhile!

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