People are using their cell phone’s more than ever before, and not just for voice communications. As mobile technology improves, users find themselves being able to surf the Internet, play multimedia files, and manage their schedules. Even with these impressive features, one of the things that gets used and abused the most is text messaging. I never thought that I’d use it as much as I do, but since my friends constantly utilize it, I began to realize that it’s an effective way to distribute small chunks of information that don’t necessarily warrant a regular conversation. With, you can now send free text messages to your friends from your Web browser.

This service is quicker than trying to fumble around with your keypad to create a message. It’s important to note that you’ll probably only want to use if your message doesn’t require a response, because if the receiver tries to respond, you won’t get the message. While the service is free and it does really work, there is some site advertising that accompanies your message, making a simple note a little too complicated.