Breakthrough 3-D Technology Looks to Revolutionize Gaming and Digital Entertainment Industries.

TDVision Systems, Inc., an emerging leader in the design and development of 3-D digital infrastructure and visualization systems, has unveiled the first-of-its-kind true 3-D technology that is fully compatible with current digital broadcast infrastructures.

TDVision developed the sophisticated 3-D technology to change the way we view the world. It will enable significant advances in security and military technology, allow people to “travel” to places they may never be able to visit in person, and provide considerable 3-D medical breakthroughs that will save lives. The gaming and digital entertainment industries will benefit immensely as the immersive experience will cause people to question what is real and what is computer generated. And the technology provides mobility to all content from all sources in all current formats and standards.

“Our revolutionary stereo algorithm dynamically emulates the way the eye actually sees. And the innovative architecture allows us to use current existing infrastructures and with the addition of our proprietary hardware provide true 3-D. The resulting image allows the final user to feel as if they were completely immersed, just like in our real three dimensional world, “said Moises Goldman, Ph.D. President and CEO of TDVision Systems, Inc. “This is an exciting advancement for the gaming and digital entertainment industries; we can bring art to life and genuinely portray what the producer or content creator is trying to convey because you are so immersed in the environment, you think you are actually there.”

Although many have aspired to present a more realistic picture to the viewer, none have been able to accomplish true 3-D until now. They all rely on pre-existing methods and technology. TDVision is the only company that has designed from the ground-up all the add-on hardware, firmware, software and interfaces necessary to accomplish true 3-D. By completely redesigning the approach to 3-D, TDVision is able to offer an unrivaled immersive experience with no side effects that are common with other technologies. Additionally, TDVision’s methodology enables the compatibility with current 2-D TV’s and monitors to allow for simultaneous viewing of 2-D and 3-D content with no loss in frame rate or picture quality and resolution.

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