For Apple’s Safari, it was a great year! At this point it’s at third place in this recent incarnation of the “browser war.” Last year, Safari was seeing its numbers grow month by month and it could end 2005 on the third place, leaving browsers like Opera and Netscape behind.

Internet Explorer is still number 1 with a market share of 85.05%. Firefox is pretty close to hitting 10%, which is also a nice accomplishment. Like I said, Safari has a 3.07% market share at number 3! Apple should be very happy with these results; let’s see if the growth continues in this New Year!

Personally, I do not use Safari often. My main browser is Firefox for Windows and Mac, and I just love it. Safari is improving though, and I see my wife, for example, work with Safari most of the time (despite my efforts of getting her to use Firefox)!

[John van Leeuwen]

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