Is Apple’s switch from PowerPC processors to Intel “Duo Core” a sea change? The day came sooner than many expected. The first Intel-powered desktop iMacs are ready to ship and the MacBook Pro notebooks are slated to hit the pavement next month. The quick changeover caught many by surprise… especially those folks who were around for the switch from the Motorola 68000 series to the PowerPCs processors, back in the day…

It’s ironic, indeed, that the Xbox 360 uses the processors that Apple has abandoned. Most folks seem to be of the mind that the brand of the processor doesn’t matter, that it’s the performance that makes the difference.

Is that a big block Chevy or a Chrysler Hemi under the hood?

I’ve been a cross-platform kinda guy for close to two decades. While I’ve never been to Macworld San Francisco in person, watching Steve Jobs deliver the message to the faithful is an annual addiction.

Steve didn’t disappoint this year, but I have an inkling that more big stuff is just around the corner. (I’m still holding out for a home media-oriented network storage device).

April 1st marks 30 years of Apple.

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