I love my Vonage service. I can call blast to my cell phone when I’m not at home. I could take the access point with me and have my phone number virtually anywhere there’s broadband.

I tied Vonage into the traditional phone lines in my walls to get a normal phone experience at home. One thing Vonage doesn’t do well is play well with the TiVo guide update feature. When TiVo needs to phone home, the modem doesn’t work well if it’s dialing out over a Vonage account.

If you’re an ubergeek who wants media on the go, you probably already use the TiVo Desktop to grab your recorded TV and convert it for playback on an iPod or PSP over your home network. If you aren’t currently taking advantage of the TiVo Desktop, you may never have bothered to connect TiVo to your home network, bypassing the need for ever using your home phone line again.

If Vonage is your phone service, check out some of the options for updating your TiVo.