WebGrab! is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily download Web page elements such as images, html pages, Java applets, Shockwave or Director animation, and more.

Unlike traditional Web browsing, WebGrab! “crawls” Web pages or FTP sites to find all downloadable files for download. Download images, audio, video, and pictures for your desktop background, or build your collection of clip art/fonts. WebGrab! helps you save time and energy.

Main Features:

  • Easily download all the content you want from a page
  • Displays element info. from page such as size
  • Filter by file extension (definable)
  • Download elements or the entire Web page to disk
  • Easily save e-mail addresses from a page
  • Indexes FTP sites – simply enter an FTP address and WebGrab! will list the entire contents of the FTP site for you

[Download WebGrab!]