The other day you may remember my expressed frustration with a Linspire folder issue. To be honest, I was angry and generally upset about the fact that the issue with my folder permissions being changed was something that slipped by quality control at Linspire.

To be fair however, I must admit that just trying to recreate the cause of this error is very challenging as I am still not 100% sure how I am causing it to happen. Regardless of this fact, I must confess just how blown away I was to hear from their community liaison, Kendall. This individual is not only taking a personal interest in helping me track down what might be going on, but is also lending me his ear tomorrow so that we can air out other issues that I feel is holding the OS back from its full potential.

So yes, I am still going to continue with Linspire. Actually, I pretty much have to. The biggest reason would have to do with of the time invested in it. Well that and I have never seen better ticket based support from any other company. I am not just referring to Kendall mind you, I am talking about the work that takes place in the user forums each and every day.

Besides all of the support stuff, apparently my previous enthusiasm for the OS has not fallen on deaf ears. A friend of mine recently bought a Linspire machine of his own for potencial development purposes. At first I thought this had happened on a whim. As it turns out however, it was done in part to my excitement and intial joy when using this Linux based operating system.

And finally, what of my desire to buy a Mac? Well, if I can get my issues hashed out with Kendall, there may not be that much reason to go over to the Mac. After all, the only thing that I would be needing the Mac for would be video editing and bluetooth support.

Heck who knows, perhaps I will discover some new stuff from Kendall tomorrow that will make the need for a Mac totally unnecessary? Hey, stranger things have happened!