Do you remember your first computer? Boy, I sure do. Yes, my old TI994A was a light in my life for a number of years. But would it not be cool to take a look back at the brochures that initially sold us on the PC of our dreams? Well, one Web site that I found has done a pretty good job at kick starting some old memories of PCs long since past.

Take the old Apple II. Yes, with this powerhouse, you could perform such tasks as:

  • improving your spelling
  • working out those pesky math problems
  • drawing up graphs and presentations
  • plus a whole lot more!

Another major player of that era had to be the Commodore 64. As a kid, this PC was the item to have for the games. Man, I still remember spending hours playing that silly Batman game that was being sold at the time. Spent what felt like an eternity in ‘binary bliss’ with that machine…

And last but certainly not least, there was the Atari system(s). For many people, the love affair with these machines started with the old 2600 gaming series. This progressed upward as the gaming system edged its way into the hearts of PC hobbyists.

Now I should be very clear about something here: these memories are from my childhood. So I realize that a number of great machines are being left out here. Besides that, in those days, everyone and their mother was selling PCs. It was not like it is now with only a few manufacturers to choose from. Therefore, trying to recall them all is a bit of a challenge.

All right, I simply have to know. Which PC was your pride and joy back in the early to mid 1980s? Obviously not all of you were computing back in those days. Yet, I am willing to guess that a number of you were big time into the old PC kits that you could order out of the back of magazines back then.

So go ahead and drop me a line. Who knows, perhaps we both tried to complete the same BASIC programs with mirrored success?

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