Alienware – the leading manufacturer of high-performance desktop, notebook, media center, server, and professional systems – has introduced the new Intel Pentium processor Extreme Edition 955, the latest dual-core processor from Intel with HyperThreading Technology, to the Area-51 7500 and ALX lines. Armed with the Pentium processor Extreme Edition, high-end gamers, creative professionals and multi-media enthusiasts will experience an increase in realism and richness in graphic performance by enabling increased bi-directional bandwidth to the graphics and I/O interfaces.

The Area-51 7500 and ALX, equipped with the Intel Pentium processor Extreme Edition 955, permit users to create virtual “partitions” isolating multiple user environments, such as dedicating resources to a PC game, graphics application or video creation-type environments with Intel Virtualization Technology. Gamers and creative professionals who require effortless multi-tasking performance will be able to create, edit, and encode graphically intensive files while also running a virus scan in the background without a glitch. In addition, the Intel Pentium processor Extreme Edition 955 includes Intel High Definition Audio, uniting improved digital entertainment with support for surround-sound audio technologies.

“The new Intel Pentium processor Extreme Edition 955 opens up a number of doors for both gamers and creative professionals looking to take their PC to the next level,” said Frank Azor, Senior Vice-President and General Manager for Alienware. “We are pleased to offer our customers the latest Intel Extreme Edition processor, which allow Alienware’s high-powered systems to provide exceptional performance and stability.”

“PCs powered by the Intel Pentium processor Extreme Edition 955, such as Alienware’s Area-51 7500 and ALX line, will change the way consumers experience PC graphics and multi-tasking,” said Jeff McCrea, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Group, Intel.

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