A lot of newer applications are being built with a USB 2.0 requirement. Does your computer have it? Jake Ludington shows us how to find out.

Barry writes: I just purchased your guide regarding Converting VHS and Hi8 tapes to DVD and have a couple of questions. I can’t figure out if I have a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 installed – the info in the My Computer section under Universal Serial Bus doesn’t specify. It looks like the USB hardware was installed in 2001. Is there an easy way to determine which I have?

The reason I recommend USB 2.0 over USB 1.1 is because of the significantly faster data transfer speed achieved in using USB 2.0. USB 1.1 transfers data around at 12mbps, with each new device added to your system taking up progressively more of the available transfer pipe until you hit a point where your USB gets overloaded. USB 2.0 is a massive speed increase to 480mbps, which leaves plenty of room for most device operations. Knowing which one you have on your system is a little more complicated because some motherboards don’t accurately identify your device as USB 2.0…

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