Imagine my surprise when we were contacted by a Web hosting company with a killer deal (from out of the blue, although the owners have been long-time Lockergnome fans). Yeah, the three free months of Web hosting is a pretty good deal, but I think in the underlying mechanism is where the true story sits:

ThinkHost’s Smart Essentials package is perfect for a small business, community or personal web site. With its low price, generous allowances, plus Microsoft FrontPage and PHP-MySQL hosting support standard, this is the perfect package for most sites. There’s also the added advantage of knowing that our services are powered by 100% wind/solar energy – it’s earth friendly hosting!

The vast majority of our staff “telecommutes” to work – no wasting of fossil fuels or contributing to global warming through trips to and from work. We use little in the way of paper as data is stored electronically. Most of our staff use notebook computers and low wattage lighting, reducing electricity requirements. What electricity we do use, including the amount used by our servers, is 100% powered by renewable energy – a wind/solar mix! We also donate a substantial amount each year in free hosting services to environmental groups!

Woah. Don’t ask me how they do that sun/wind thingy – or how long this offer will last. All I know is that if you wanna dip your toes in the waters of Web hosting, this is a pretty good deal to get you started. Even if you aren’t an environmentalist, it’s a fantastic offer. You’ve gotta use the coupon code, though – and feel free to share the coupon code with other folks who might also be looking for a bargain. Either send ’em directly to the hosting offer page or blast ’em the coupon code directly: THD11443M38. That’s very important – you’ll need to use that (unless you don’t care about three free months of hosting).

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