I’ve been using two new tools to assist in blogging these days. They won’t necessarily make you a more efficient blogger but they sure to make blogging more convenient.

1) Performancing for Firefox is a nifty in browser blogging tool that blows all the others out of the water. It lets you add Technorati and del.icio.us tags on the fly. You can also use it for writing on multiple blogs quite easily. It’s a very automated system for blogging and using the tools the blogosphere has to offer in the process. I would strongly recommend checking it out.

2) Google Reader is a beta version newsreader produced by Google. It’s speedy, concise, and very user friendly. It doesn’t provide the pop-up newsflashes that a lot of on station newsreader do but for casual reading you can’t beat it. It’s in beta still so there are a few quirks and missing features but for a simple web based newsreader nothing comes close.

These aren’t monetized plugs. I’m getting no benefit by mentioning these two services. However, I’m not just here to help myself; I’m here to help others too.

Originally Posted at Conservative Thinking

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