Steve Jobs gave up a little, though some would say a lot, when he let Disney buy his baby, Pixar, Tuesday for a whopping $7.4 billion. He gave up complete control of one of the most successful computer animation studios in the world. That’s hard for a guy like Steve who likes to fire people in the elevator for just that they bough an iPod shuffle. So how is he going to deal with the bone heads at Disney that drill Toy Story into the ground with three more sequels now? Well, lots of counseling, I guess. But Steve didn’t give up the stellar team of animators and Macintosh candy land of work stations for nothing. No, he had a bigger idea in mind and that idea had an I in it. As in iTunes Music Store.

In the quest to gather more content, especially since Google’s video announcement at CES with CBS, Apple knows it needs more compelling titles then just Saturday Night Live skits to keep people locked into iTunes. Wayward browsers could easily find themselves at if old Chris Rock dialogs fail to keep the audience amused. So what partner of Pixar has a LOT more then a few episodes of CSI? Can you say ESPN? Touchstone Pictures? Miramax Films (woo hoo more Madonna crud movies!)?

Yes, there’s a lot to be had with Disney and it ain’t just kid stuff. Steve wasn’t playing around when he sold out. He knew that when he made this very difficult decision to give up rights of firing someone in the lobby that might say, “Hey, Shrek was pretty funny.” There were much bigger things in store for Apple when Pixar was tossed off to the company that just a year ago was thinking of moving on with another animation studio.

Jobs played his cards just right and allowed Disney to see just how valuable Pixar was and is. With that, Jobs gets a seat as a board member and now he will be able to really work the room in getting more content onto his other baby, iTMS. Steve in essence gave up a little to gain a lot. Again, Jobs showing that he truly is brilliant if not a bit arrogant.

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