I was reading Chris’ article today regarding comments being made on Digg and Slashdot. Speaking for myself, I never really paid that much attention to them until he brought it up.

I suppose that the readerership for Digg is primarily that of a younger audience. As for Slashdot, I do believe it is way too comment heavy. Yup, I did indeed spend a little time there today reading up on stuff. The articles are good finds, but man do people there posting comments not have a life or what? It’s worse than FARK (comments)!

To be clear once again, I have nothing against Slashdot really, I’m just not impressed with the whining level being shown at the comment end of things. Say what you will, but comments tend to attract trolls.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, if you enjoy their links and commentary, I suppose you might consider looking at Diggdot.us. Understand that I neither approve nor disapprove of this idea. Clever enough I suppose and the best part is that you can hit the links without dealing with the stupid comments. That’s it for me. See ya’ll Monday!