What better way to spend the early days of the new year by looking at a site that is totally off the wall in the humor department? It also has some of the best blogs I have seen while managing to maintain a totally offbeat outlook at life, both in and out of cyberspace. So fasten that mouse or trackball to the table, and let’s take off.

Quixotic Crap is a site that has weird Web sites, funny links, animations, short films, and pop culture. Best of all, it is updated almost daily. How crazy and offbeat is it, you wonder? Check out the “I’m Feeling Silly” post, and see what you can do with 250 pounds of Silly Putty. The 25 Most Interesting Web Cams of 2005 sponsored by EarthCam are an interesting diversion, as are the Top 50 Music Videos of 2005 (needless to say, this in not your MTV Top 50 videos!).

The site has sections for Web cams, artwork, and blogs. There is some incredible talent on this site, both technical and artistic. You can see it in all of its glory here. The Monthly Featured Artist has some good talent waiting to be discovered. There are some great links, as well as a site podcast. The Warp-o-Meter gives this site an 8.5, one that is worth wasting some time.

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