I remember my first laptop. It was an AST 900n and I was mighty proud of that 486 Dx2 with its nice and large LCD screen. I got all sorts of oohs and aahs in my university classes. But one day my smile became a frown when a pixel burned out. Even sadder was the news from AST tech support that I had to have five or more pixels out before AST would replace it. Drat!

Welp, a lot hasn’t changed since that fateful day in 1993 and many companies still give a similar answer for burnt out pixels. Now with LCDs becoming even more popular for home and office use, what’s one to do if a dead pixel appears? Well, fortunately, there may be a solution. wikiHow has a five step process that may save you some despair and money. Give it a shot and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be smiling again!