For sometime now, I have been contemplating a subscription of MAKE Magazine for my younger brother. I figure that it would be more productive than sitting in front of the computer playing games all day.

Well, as I continued to investigate the value making such a purchase, I happened to come across a Website that I suspect, has some relation to MAKE. It’s called Instructables and man, is this site cool!

The Website itself is described as part of a step-by-step collaboration effort. And after you have browsed through a few of the projects, you will likely find yourself agreeing with that description.

Alrighty, it’s Friday. So let’s stop with all of this jibber-jabber and take a look at the list of my favorite Instructables, shall we?

  • Pimped Out Megaphone Helmet– Definitely not something to forget at home if you plan on driving to Seattle. This bad boy will immediately let people know that you are proud to be loud!
  • Build Your Own (metalworking) Lathe- Part I– If I am not mistaken, I don’t believe part 2 has been released yet. Regardless, the detail put forth here to create this masterpiece is definitely impressive.
  • Humanoid robot arm– Are you one of those geeks that feel Commander Data from Star Trek TNG was a poser? OK then, it’s put up or shut up time. Here is the well laid plans to begin work on your own android; the arm anyway.
  • Unemployment Burger– Probably not the most appetizing looking grub in the world. Still, some people just can’t say no to spam and potatoes.
  • Swiveling Laptop Workstation– Boy, I would love to have one of these! There is a certain romance surrounding the idea of being able to not only work wirelessly from my recliner, but do so without having to hunch over to see my work.

Well, that’s it for me. Coming up next week we will look into viable methods of dealing with spam. Which software works, which is bunk and how to deal with junk mail on the cheap!

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