Lifemode Interactive, the leading pioneers and innovators of facial animation software technology, have announced today that their highly sophisticated multi platform SDK now fully supports Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Lifemode will launch their Xbox 360 version at Microsoft’s Xfest event in London on Monday, February 13th.

LIFESTUDIO:HEAD – a well known high quality and top performance facial animation engine created by Lifemode Interactive is now available for Xbox 360 platform. The solution takes the benefit of Xbox 360 multicore architecture to achieve top performance and bring realistic facial animation to every next-gen game.

Yuri Golubev, Chief Programmer said: “We are really impressed with the good realization of multi-core architecture and fast graphical chip of Xbox 360 which tremendously enhanced the performance of our SDK. High compatibility of PC and Xbox DirectX allowed to port our SDK from PC to Xbox 360 practically in no time at all. We foresee game designers will be able to stretch their facial animation skills to the absolute limits of the Xbox 360 console.

The LIFESTUDIO:HEAD technology has been designed for computer character animation in real-time. The software contains an impressive set of features supported by the original Macro-Muscles technology. These include easy modeling, realistic texturing, automated lip-synch, comprehensive animation library and many other. Data exchange with 3ds max and Maya is supported giving the possibility of working with own models and scene rendering.

Lifemode Interactive will be demonstrating the advantages of their technology at Xfest 2006, which will take place in London on February 13th. The event will explore Xbox 360-focused technical information for game developers, including several case studies of Xbox 360 games. Organized by Microsoft Corp, the event is designed to attract all the best minds and high profile people in the entertainment industry.

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