GPS Darts? Hey, I’m like any other red blooded American and I love a good car chase. OJ’s was pathetic but most of the others I’ve seen live from L.A. always seem to electrify the TV set when on. But truth is, people and property are damaged and the LAPD needs to figure out another way of improving capture of suspects while minimizing the former problem.

It thinks it has and will be testing out the method in which, instead of shooting bullets out the window like TJ Hooker episodes of the ’80s did, officers will shoot darts with GPS locators in them. That means the police cruiser can back off and allow the suspect to slow down thinking they are in the clear when in fact they’re being tracked the entire time and roadblocks can easily be set up.

I’d prefer to see dynamite used in a clearing on the suspect, but hey, that’s just red blood coming out of me!

[Via Guardian Unlimited]

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