MIDI is a special music file format. Contrary to WAV or MP3 files, it doesn’t contain audio data but just notes with information on how long to play which instruments and so on. The sounds of the instruments are saved in the synthesizer, sound card (hardware synthesizer), or an app like Timidity (software synthesizer). The synthesizer receives the music data and generates sound. Nowadays, MIDI files are used very much on mobile phones (polyphone ringing tones) because of their low size.

Palms usually don’t have a hardware synthesizer, so the better-known media players for Palm OS don’t support MIDI files. But there are some apps which enable your Palm to play MIDI files.

Botzam MIDI Play is a player for MIDI files with only one voice. It sounds like the alarm. You can open files from a VFS device (card, etc.) and from the RAM. In the RAM you find alarm tones. I think on OS5 devices there is not much use except for testing alarm sounds. And be careful, it’s very unstable (see the review on freewarepalm.com). The only app that works with OS 4 and lower.

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