We’re starting to hear about the products being demoed at DEMO 2006. Here’s a ‘Web 2.0-style’ app that caught my eye:

First you Google, then you Plum… collect and share what matters.

Plum lets you put all the stuff you care about, stumble across, or need in one place. Collect and save from the Web, your e-mail, or your computer. Then personalize and share it with others (if you like). You can even discover other collections like yours and collect them too.

As an individual that currently goes to Flickr for photos, del.icio.us for links, and blogs to share, I’m looking forward to something that wraps it all up in a tidy package. Will this be it? Don’t know, but I’ve signed up* on the beta list to find out!

* Using a SpamGourmet protected address, of course!

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