I don’t know what it is about most people who are composed of geek molecules, but for some reason, they just can’t seem to wear normal t-shirts. No doubt, you’ve probably noticed this, as well. The nerdy t-shirt phenomenon has exploded onto the scene, and nowadays, you just can’t seem to walk through a public place without seeing a geeky guy or gal with some nerdy message or illustration plastered on their chest. If you understand what the shirts say, then you, too, are doomed to a fashion fate just like theirs. Instead of rejecting your heritage, why not embrace it by visiting Nerdy Shirts?

Yes, this site contains a nice collection of witty and original t-shirts for you to slobber over. Now you can be a part of the phenomenon by whipping out your credit card and doing what you do best – use the Internet. Male and female models are used to give you an idea of what you’ll look like strutting your stuff in a Nerdy Shirts creation. Disclaimer: No n00bs allowed.