I would be first to point out that there a number of currently running search engines that do the exact same thing, day after day. Offering nothing really innovative and in this sense, I would say that we may be seeing some overkill as more search companies join their ranks.

With Internet search one of the hottest fields in technology, the number of startups promising new ways to find stuff on the web is exploding, but some skeptics question whether there’s truly a demand for all the search newcomers.

“I just don’t see the need,” said Gary Kayye of Kayye Consulting, referring to the increasingly specialized search offerings provided by many of these firms. “Google works well enough for me.”

Mr. Kayye was one of many of the attendees at this week’s DEMO conference, which gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to show off their wares to venture capitalists. And Mr. Kayye wasn’t the only attendee who was skeptical of the search boom. [Read the rest]

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