In 1976, Bruce Sterling sold his first science fiction story, “Man-Made Self.” Sterling advocated a streetwise revamp of SF, what would later be called “Cyberpunk.” Few science fiction writers speak with such passion and clarity about today’s world. Here is his speech to the Library Information Technology Association in San Francisco on June 1992, a speech that anticipates many of the issues Internet users face today.

“What’s important – increasingly important – is the process by which you figure out what to look at. This is the beginning of the real and true economics of information… That’s why the spin-doctor is the creature who increasingly rules the information universe. Spin doctors rule our attention. I can make a candidate disappear. Watch me pull a President out of a hat. Look!… nothing up my sleeve. Presto! Spin-doctors are like evil anti-librarians; they’re the Dark Side of the Force.”

Which I guess makes “The Librarian’s Spin” kinda ironic, dunnit?

His essay on bacteria, which asks readers to imagine that they are thirty feet long, makes you appreciate why giving antibiotics in low doses to livestock is madness.

Other essays, which he describes as literary freeware, are all highly recommended.

My favourite diamond hard SF writer is Greg Egan, who hails from Perth in Western Australia. He has a great site with some far out java applets and some cool short stories.

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