I’m a nice guy – really. A little silly at times, but at heart – I’m a nice guy. Ponzi packed most of our clothes for the trip to Vancouver. In her race to stuff at least 60lbs of random junk into the suitcase, she forgot to pack a change of underwear. This discovery was made yesterday morning, and she wasn’t sure what to do. I stepped up to the plate and offered a pair of my boxer briefs, knowing full well that I wouldn’t have a change of underwear for the next day. My Green Lantern Underoos fit her well enough – and she was able to purchase new underwear for herself after lunch (although they were out of Wonder Woman Underoos at the store). This begs the question: what underwear am I wearing today (if any)?

And just in case I don’t have time (or I forget), I’ve gotta tell you about our two mornings at the Hampton Inn. You know they have a free continental breakfast? Yesterday, I thought I would help us get a head start by aquiring comestibles whilst Ponzi was applying her face (though she looks just as beautiful without it, truly). As a diligent person would do, I asked her what she might want. “You know what I like” was the response I received. Fair enough. I’d have to grab everything I found in the hopes that she’d like one or two of the items. So, this morning, when we were ready to check out and take our suitcase to the car, it was her turn to get the foods. Unlike Ponzi, I told her exactly what I wanted – and underscored it as we were leaving the room, so as not to introduce frustration when she arrived at the breakfast bar. I asked for a bagel with four cream cheeses (the packets are very small). She got mad at me at that point – my clarification for understanding was completely misinterpreted. No matter, she knew what I wanted and wasn’t forced to play the “you know what I want” game (which oh-so-many men fail).

I got my bagel and four cream cheeses. Unfortunately, the cream cheeses will go unused – as the bagel has raisins. Ponzi knows I don’t like raisins, but there were no plain bagels at the Hampton Inn. She didn’t bother to tell me that this one had raisins until we had arrived at this morning’s event. I’m not going to eat it, but I can’t really get upset – because I know she did her best with what she had. It was either a raisin bagel that I wouldn’t eat, or no bagel at all. That was a tough decision to make, and I don’t know if I would have made the same decision if the shoe were on the other foot. We think differently, and that’s tough to deal with at times (especially in the morning when you’re really hungry). It’s not her fault that she forgot her underwear, and it’s not her fault that she couldn’t get a plain bagel.

How many times do we find ourselves in these relatively minor situations – and how do we react? Sometimes anger is confused with frustration – as might be the case if Ponzi sees me reject the raisin bagel. I’m not rejecting her act of attaining the morsel – I’m rejecting the bagel. These responses are often misinterpreted. Too often. She also wore a fresh pair of my underwear yesterday, even though I knew the fate of my pants was in question. Isn’t that the definition of love?

Relationships aren’t easy, but I can tell you this: from this point forward, as long as I live, I will pack plain bagels and extra underwear in the suitcase before I leave the house. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we’re doomed to wear a pair of not-so-fresh underpants.

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