We’ve got a Jobs category on Gada.be – like for consultants, for instance. I could just as easily track Seattle consulting gigs by adding a keyword to the query – as in “seattle consulting.” The possibilities are endless, and the feeds are simple enough to subscribe to and track as new offers scoot themselves across the virtual table. When Lockergnome first started, I found myself completely consumed with the tasks that needed to be done. I would often go out to lunch with the local businessfolk, but never really charged them for my advice. A decade later, and I’m starting to realize where I may have missed a few well-paying consulting opportunities.

On a related note, I’ve been very impressed with Lockergnome’s new HelpShare efforts – a true example of microconsulting, where one of you made $40 for doing 5 minutes worth of trival work. Gnomie joepestro created custom buttons you can use with the new Google Toolbar.
This will let you search and view the latest questions on Lockergnome Helpshare from your Internet Explorer toolbar. “Joepestro” answered the question in 31 minutes! If you are using the new Google toolbar beta, you can install the HelpShare button with ease. That’s something I did on my own for Gada.be, but it’s also something that was worth good money to “Joepestro!” Seriously, for those of you who want to make a few extra dollars every month – it’s a good place to start. Gotta have questions to ask before they can be answered, however. I’ve considered asking for independent developers to help us along with our Gada.be projects (specifically those who might be well versed in XML). This may be the best place for me to find ’em.

Consulting is difficult, but “microconsulting” is certainly a lot more manageable. Get a question, answer the question, and move on. There are certainly times when classic forms of consulting are better – especially when they tie back to your brand or offer stability to your lifestyle. In recent months, I’ve been approached by a few companies who were actively soliciting advice. I hate saying “no,” so I usually raise my rates before accepting any offer that’s going to take time away from this wonderful thing you keep reading every day. Time, after all, is money – and you can’t have one without the other it seems. I find myself on the cusp of an amazing opportunity that I can’t wait to share with y’all – and you won’t believe me when I tell you what it is. If you care to take a guess, my inbox is always free (but if you do have burning questions, you know the forums are always open, too).