It has been my experience that you can do some pretty amazing stuff with Flash these days. One example that comes to mind is how people we once used to watch on TV have managed to carve out a name for themselves on the ‘Net by using Flash Video technology. Not only does it make the video cross platform, it’s just easier to access in general.

Well, the folks over at WeatherBug have been hard at work coming up with a way to combine both live, streaming weather data along with your choice of personal metrologists. Enter the world of weather on demand.

Best viewed in Internet Explorer as the bugs are still being worked out of watching it in Firefox (although it will still work), the videocast idea itself is quite frankly – brilliant. These guys have managed to merge two of my favorite developing technologies into one very practical application. I will be watching with great interest to see where they take this next. I’ll keep you all posted on that one.

On another front, their labs project appears to be doing really awesome as the Firefox plugin (my fav) has been continuing to climb in usage as has their Mac konfabulator. Last time I checked, it was ranked at #3 for usage. Not bad for a company who just rolled out with their labs project a few weeks ago officially, eh?

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