I should have been a technology salesman. No seriously, this week alone I have all but sold one person on trying a Mac and one other person (an ex-client) is going to drag me kicking and screaming to the Mac store this Friday so that they can make the switch!

Now I’d be the first to admit that no one OS is for everyone. Take me as one such example: As of right now, I’m running Linspire, SuSE, and Windows! Do I really need to add a Mac to this volatile mix? Sure, what the heck! Unfortunately there is a new Windows-only journalism app that I am going to be using as part of a gargantuan promo effort to help turbo-charge two of my personal projects. I’d love to tell you more about the ‘app’ itself, but it is too early in the game at this point.

Getting back to the Mac salesmen skills…
It’s nice to know that my sales skills remain sharp; even after working from home all this time. As a matter of fact, the sales reps from the Mac retailer sure seem to perk up when I come walking in with someone. Perhaps it is because I get so excited about what the Mac platform can potentially do, that I end up closing sale after sale for my local retail outlet? There is no question that enthusiasm is an amazing and powerful thing to behold.

So when am I going to take the Mac plunge? Perhaps after tax season and then Gnomedex. The reality is that I have a lot of expenses right now. So trying to justify this kind of purchase does not make a lot of sense. On the flip side however, adding some new Mac skills to the mix would certainly give me a well rounded computer experience! If you think about it, I am already familiar with Linux and Windows. So ‘getting into’ the Mac would be the next logical step, would it not?

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