My original feedback on buying a computer case has already been posted, but I ask you: where are the sleek, smart computer cases designed for women? Most everyone knows that women are the main shoppers – even the big boys are noticing and writing about it. So, where are all these awesome items geared especially towards me? I still can’t find them.

For example, I’m in the market for a new PC. Andru from Gearlive is helping Chris create my new dream machine. Andru sent me a link to look at computer cases. There isn’t one designed with all the things I’d like to have. Not ONE out of four pages. Let me list the important things to ME, a consumer with 80% of the buying power in my home (according to BusinessWeek). This isn’t even considering the interior needs that Andru will need to deal with for me (truly important). These wants are just external.

First, let’s not put a door (on the front of the case) that hangs open. I understand and I even AGREE with covering up and keeping the dust out of the drive bays. Have these people not seen and used Armoires lately? I know they (the mysterious “they” with all the design power) have. Almost every hotel room now has an armoire for the TV that can be shut to cover it when not in use. The great thing about them is that the doors slide inside… wow, great concept. Let’s use it! Secondly, if I want to use my microphone or my wireless headphones, there should be outlets readily accessible. Preferrably from a lower right or left side so that my cords aren’t hanging out of the front of the case from the middle. Third, I need more USB ports. Usually there’s one, two, or maybe even three in front – if I’m really lucky! Place those bad boys so they can be used without creating a wire mess. Also, what’s up with putting feet on the cases? That just makes the base wider and use more of the prime real estate around my desk – why?

One last suggestion would be to keep the tops flat. Better yet: make a shelf of some kind to hold my other gadgets. I usually stick my IPod (or PSP) on top of there while they charge / sync. A specific holder that’s sturdy and matches my case would definitely catch my dollars.

I guess they can keep their blue lights and spider motifs. I’m going to go with a plain black or silver one. Actually, more than likely the black one – if it’ll work – because the price of the silver one is crazy! I’m crossing my fingers that the inside of at least one of these cases is “perfect” for what Andru and Chris are putting into it – maybe then I’ll forget about what it looks like on the outside.

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