Over the past few years, I have had numerous readers asking me how I struck out on my own and made a success out of the PC repair game. Even though I may not do this any longer, I would be the first to admit that it was PC repair that have gave me the ability, wisdom and plain old tenacity to make anything that I undertake a success.

Roughly two years back, I also mentioned something about writing a book on the subject – the level of interest shown after the anouncement was huge. Unfortunately I got caught up in other things and this never became a viable project that I could get underway.

Well, I am going to share one of the books that helped me to get my previous business in a state of constant forward momentum:
Start Your Own Computer Business: Building a Successful PC Repair and Service Business by Supporting Customers and Managing Money

Short, sweet and fluff free. This book is worth three times the asking price in my opinion. While some might argue that specific points being talked about within its pages are kind of obvious, I would challenge you to re-read those pages one more time. For the astute reader, there are some invaluable nuggets of information that can quite frankly help to take your business to a whole new level. It is also a practical guide to starting up your own PC Repair business. For anyone that is serious about such a venture, it’s a no-brainer investment in their future.

**Update** We now have a dedicated channel just for those currently running or looking to start, a PC repair business. Subscribe today or read it from your browser.

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