Hmm, I suppose it had to happen. Yup, Google Video has added content from the US National Archives. Will anyone actually care? At this point I am not going to hold my breath until this has had a chance to settle for a time.

Reno, NV – Friday, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) announced the launch of a pilot program to convert historic documentaries and movies belonging to the US National Archives into video that Google is making available for free online through Google Video. This non-exclusive agreement will enable researchers and the general public to access a diverse collection of historic movies, documentaries and other films from the US National Archives via Google Video ( as well as the National Archives website (

The move by the US National Archives is in keeping with its decision to make content and video more freely available over the Internet. But for Google its a big advantage in expanding Google Video use in competition with other search engines. [Read the rest]

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