No matter how much you write on the computer, it’s always nice to have a spell checker nearby. Even though I write a lot more than than the majority of you probably do, I still misspell words on a frequent basis mostly because of fat fingering, but also because of a complete misunderstanding of how a new word is arranged. It’s always good to try to enhance your vocabulary, and taking on new words can sometimes be disastrous in terms of spelling. Doesn’t it annoy you when you receive an e-mail or read a Web site that contains numerous misspellings? Since spell checking is such an easy thing to do, there’s usually no excuse for blatant errors in formal messages. Instead of just spell checking in an application on Windows, you can also look for errors online with Orangoo Spell Check.

This simple service is perfect for quick results. Either paste or type in what you want to check for errors, and then make sure that the proper language is selected (eleven different languages are currently available). When you check the spelling and errors are found, they’re highlighted, and you’re given a number of possible suggestions. Orangoo makes use of the Google Spell Checker, and freely distributes the code for you to use in your own applications.

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