If you’ve been watching the Web at all, no doubt you’ve heard buzz about Microsoft’s latest project – Origami. I’ve seen what Origami is supposed to be and (without spilling too many details per the NDA that I willingly signed) it’s not going to live up to the hype. There are far too many wild-eyed speculations – ranging from the subline to the grandiose. It’s not necessarily a Microsoft device, though. Then again, it’s not necessarily a specific device. I think I’m safe in saying that? In fact, the only reason I’m saying it now is because the hype machine is completely out of control – and that’s going to translate into nothing but disappointment for the very people who are interested in what’s about to happen. If you have no idea what this Microsoft Origami project discussion is all about, you’re in the clear – there’s nothing to worry about. The announcement will come soon enough and you’ll wonder what all the hoopla was for (if you even notice it happened, although I fully expect it to be covered in one of Lockergnome’s various channels). But if you happen to be one of those caught up in the excitement, ratchet yourselves down a few notches. Hint: it has nothing to do with folding paper.

I’ll give Origami one thing: they’ve built enough conversation around the project. However, that excitement may not be rivaled by what’s actually going to be released on March 2nd. If you wanna piece together the puzzle on your own, you’re free to do so. We have Engadget talking about Origami, Scoble teasing the fact that it’s device-related, and Robert McLaws with further information on what the Origami project might be. I’ll have more thoughts on what happens (but only after it happens, because I respect the non-disclosure agreements that I sign). We have a lot of exciting things coming out of Microsoft’s camp in the latter part of 2006, but most of the interesting bits will be software-based in nature (namely, the next version of Microsoft Office and the next version of Microsoft Windows). I also have a fair amount of hope for the new Windows Live initiatives, all of which are Web-based. 2007 will be a much more interesting year for technology products, mark my word. This year will be full of… hype.

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